Meet the Team

Steve has been the owner and manager of Beaverton Auto Upholstery for 13 years. He has over 30 years of experience in customer service and business management. His wife, Mary, works with him in the office doing administrative work and other tasks that help the business run smoothly.


Theron has been on the team since 1994! He is an expert in a wide range of upholstery
including classic cars, office and restaurant furniture, boats and RV’s.

Philip is an Estimator on our team, and has 12 years of upholstery experience.
His expertise includes late model convertible tops, headliners, and sun roofs.

Ricky is one of the original team members, and has been with us since the shop first
opened in 1980! His expertise is in tops, carpets, and motorcycle seats.

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Meaghan came to our team from New York City. She is a self-taught leather worker, certified at a mobile technical institute in New Jersey. She especially enjoys classic bench seats and motorcycle seats.


Troy has possessed a technical/mechanical aptitude since early childhood, so serving as a auto upholstery tech feels like a natural fit. Attending Benson Polytechnic, plus a life long love/appreciation of the process in creating custom auto upholstery, brought about the possibility for him to serve in a capacity once dreamed of, now it’s reality.

Jose is a new member of our team.